Thursday, October 16, 2008

Goals: a to-do list

I am in a mood today. That mood is somewhere between frustration, nervousness, and impatience. It is largely caused by the fact that I have a horrid midterm test to take in a little over an hour, and then I get to start my Fall Break.

So, with that in mind, I'm going to give myself a little to-do list, which will help me set some goals for things I would like to get done, if not over my fall break, then in the near future. Hopefully it will help me spark some inspiration.

To Do:
  • Use the expensive linen fabric you bought to make the skirt that you intended to use it for. Don't be afraid to cut it.
  • Design and make a dress out of the red fabric you bought. Don't worry if it isn't exactly as you planned.
  • Post the clothing you took photos of over the weekend on etsy.
  • get photos of the necklace you made, as well as others you will make this weekend.
  • Make at least 2 more necklaces to sell on etsy.
  • Draw in your spiffy sketchbook that you bought and have been too afraid to draw in b/c you don't want to draw something stupid.
  • Take risks
  • Be as gutsy as you were when you first learned how to sew.
  • Take photos of the leaves before they've all fallen off. Make a dress inspired by them.
  • Use up your jersey fabric. It may be hard to work with, but it will make some cool stuff.
  • Attempt to curl your hair again. It's getting long enough that it might look ok now.
  • Go play somewhere w/ Matthew. Make sure to get pictures.

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