Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need to blog more often....

Hello, there! This blog is in desperate need of a post, so I'm here to give it to you!

So, Halloween is coming up, fast. As such, my best friend has enlisted me to help her with her costume. She and her boyfriend are going as a flapper and zoot suit man (respectively). Unfortunately, we're all poor college students, and the cheapo flapper costumes won't cut it for my friend, as she has.... you know.... curves. A womanly shape. Hence the issue.

She decided that the fringe on the typical costumes wouldn't cut it because of her chest, and I agreed. It just doesn't look right. So, we got some inspiration from Craftster, costume websites, and even a beautiful wedding (via 100 Layer Cake).

Here are our initial inspiration photos.

One of our initial inspirations came from a post I had seen on Craftster a very long time ago. In fact, most of the photos from the post have been deleted, but luckily there was enough for my friend to get the idea. Very flapper-esque, without having to be your typical fringe dress.

The next two came from Yes, this website actually exists. The cream is one that I found that has a similar silhouette to the dress from Craftster, and the black dress is the one my friend sent me that she really liked.

And finally, the most amazing wedding. This is the main inspiration photo from this wedding on the 100 Layer Cake blog. The whole wedding had a very 20's feel, and this photo of the dresses was great to get detail ideas.

As of right now, we've decided that we're going to try to go for black, and we're likely going to try to use a slip as a base and embellish it with fun details. I'll be sure to post photos as she and I begin to work on it.