Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long Overdue

This is a very long overdue post.
School has been hectic, but things are going well for me.
I thought I would just do a quick update, and leave you with a photo of a project I've been working on for a while. I've got a whole pile of silk and crystals and bead and vintage lace ready to become hair accessories. Now I just have to find the time to make them.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Christmas Wreath

I've been wanting to put up a wreath since the day after Halloween, and I had already bought some supplies to make one when I ran across a very cute yarn wreath online. I already had everything I needed, so I got to work! This cost about $3 to make. The foam wreath, foam balls, and jingle bells all came from Dollar Tree. The yarn I already had. It's all Lion Brand. There's Lion Brand Homespun in Apple Green and Chili (I think), Jiffy in True Red and either Chili or Paprika (it was scrap yarn, so I don't remember, exactly), and Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Cilantro (the dark stripes).

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I need to blog more often....

Hello, there! This blog is in desperate need of a post, so I'm here to give it to you!

So, Halloween is coming up, fast. As such, my best friend has enlisted me to help her with her costume. She and her boyfriend are going as a flapper and zoot suit man (respectively). Unfortunately, we're all poor college students, and the cheapo flapper costumes won't cut it for my friend, as she has.... you know.... curves. A womanly shape. Hence the issue.

She decided that the fringe on the typical costumes wouldn't cut it because of her chest, and I agreed. It just doesn't look right. So, we got some inspiration from Craftster, costume websites, and even a beautiful wedding (via 100 Layer Cake).

Here are our initial inspiration photos.

One of our initial inspirations came from a post I had seen on Craftster a very long time ago. In fact, most of the photos from the post have been deleted, but luckily there was enough for my friend to get the idea. Very flapper-esque, without having to be your typical fringe dress.

The next two came from flappercostumes.com. Yes, this website actually exists. The cream is one that I found that has a similar silhouette to the dress from Craftster, and the black dress is the one my friend sent me that she really liked.

And finally, the most amazing wedding. This is the main inspiration photo from this wedding on the 100 Layer Cake blog. The whole wedding had a very 20's feel, and this photo of the dresses was great to get detail ideas.

As of right now, we've decided that we're going to try to go for black, and we're likely going to try to use a slip as a base and embellish it with fun details. I'll be sure to post photos as she and I begin to work on it.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Gorgeous clothing I would very much like to have.

So, it's no shocker that I like clothing. I want to go into fashion design.

I. Love. Cloths.

Problem? I'm poor. I'm a really poor college student who shops at the local Goodwill/Missions. Nothing against that. I have pretty cool stuff.

But, that being said, there are moments where I see items that I really love, and thrift stores just don't have those items most of the time. Sometimes. Just not often.

So, here is a little compilation of things that I would very much like to have. Perhaps I'll use said compilation to gain inspiration for projects I would like to complete myself.

Only Shallow

Oh, to live in this wonderful land of orange boots and tent dresses and hats. Go to her blog. 99% of it is beautiful and lovely and wonderful. If only my legs were thin enough to fit into boots like that! (Do you have any idea how hard it is to find boots when you have small feet and large calves? Nearly impossible, unless you're willing to settle for ugly ones that cost nearly double what similar boots in normal sizes cost. Ugh.)

I digress. Her blog is lovely.

These Coats from Forever 21

Forever 21 has a lot of cute coats right now. I don't care for 99% of what they normally carry. But these two coats in particular are lovely. Unfortunately, they don't carry my size (I'm sorry I have a large chest, Forever 21. Why do you have to hate on the well endowed girl?)

Basically everything from Anthropologie.

Holy. Crap. Anthro. Where do you start? I love them so much! I tend to prefer their fall stuff best, but their spring/summer dresses are SO precious. I would KILL to work for them. Ok. Maybe not kill. Just work really hard. But yes. I love them, and I can't even afford to buy a scarf there. (My boyfriend actually looked at a scarf there and considered it for me as a Christmas gift, until he saw the $60 price tag and said "She could make this".)

So, thus will conclude this edition of clothing envy. Hopefully I will find a way to satisfy my clothing cravings in the upcoming spring months, as I find that most of my old cloths no longer fit me properly. I do not want to spend another spring in hoodies. Ugh.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I was a part of history

So, in case anybody was wondering, I did vote, and I voted for Obama. I have no ill will against McCain or the Republican party, though I do have ill will towards those people who bad mouth Obama and call him a terrorist or a baby killer or saying that he's not a Christian. That's not voting for the issues, that votings based on propaganda that rears it's ugly head every election.

It annoys me. So. So. So. much.

But, despite what those people who say such ugly things would have you believe, our country WANTS Obama. Obviously, since he won.

And damnit, the man can give one hell of an acceptance speech!

At any rate, I am also super excited to be working on a group project (which presents Monday 11/10) that is a Bread and Puppet-esque performance that has to do with issues in the election. Just so you know, I'll be posting photos of our Obama puppet after our project is over.

However, if my group agrees w/ my sentiments to change one of our skits, we might be assassinating him. Hopefully not the actual puppet part.

The original skit we were basing it off of was "Who is a Terrorist" (Youtube it) that was about the Patriot Act. We were going to change it where the cheerleaders were all Sarah Palin, and we were going to call Obama a terrorist. Then we were going to go on and on about what is a real American, etc. and finally end by calling our prof a terrorist (which is a punch line I never REALLY bought into). However, if they listen to my idea, I think it will be 1000 times better.

My idea is to focus on the fear I know most of the Obama supporters probably had last night. I was literally scared that Obama would get attacked during his acceptance speech. My idea now is to show how those negative comments/lies play into that, and how it's that kind of propaganda and lies that causes our great leaders to get killed.

So, my idea now is for our Sarah Palin cheerleaders to call Obama a terrorist, baby killer, say he hates Jesus, etc. etc., and then have "Joe the Plumber" come in and assasinate him. I think that will get the point across.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Liquor Tag necklaces

It's no surprise that liquor tag necklaces are popular. They're fun and edgy, but yet somehow wonderfully antiquated and beautiful.

My most recent ones that I've made for my shop are from a set of 3 German enamel liquor tags. They say Whiskey, Gin, and Rhum (Rum, obviously) and they are so beautiful.

I've listed both Gin and Whiskey thus far, and Gin has already sold. I just thought I would show you all here.